Charts . . . PLUS!

Get ready for a new concept for stock charts.  PTS Primo Charts can be layered with Steven Primo's reliable indicators and proven trading strategies -- combining the precision of data-driven tools with the intuitive interpretation you get from a chart. 

Proprietary Tools

Steven Primo has developed a unique set of indicators and strategies, including PET-D and the STEPS strategy.  You get all of Steve's most powerful trading tools in Primo Charts -- and you won't find them anywhere else!

Fast & Easy to Use

Simplicity is the first thing you'll notice. You'll enjoy how easy it is to use Primo Charts -- and fast! And that means that you'll use them constantly to help make your trading decisions... Try it for 30-days & see for yourself!

PTS Primo Charts

This is what you have been waiting for!  Now anyone can easily learn to read the charts and understand where the higher probability entry and exits are.

PTS Primo Charts allows members to use the tools of Pro Trader Strategies and Steven Primo -- all in one Educational Charting Platform.

Run your daily analysis using our special, proprietary PTS Primo Charts analyses.  These include:

  • Popular Indicators
    Like the 50-day SMA. MACD, Chande Momentum Oscillator, RSI & more.
  • Powerful Chart Pattern Recognition --
    for Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracements, Crossovers &more.
  • Steven Primo's Proprietary Indicators --
    Including the PET-D
  • Steven Primo's Proprietary Strategies --
    including STEPs (1&2), and Primo Stragtegies 1, 2,3 &4

More than just a charting tool, PTS Primo Charts is it's a comprehensive trading platform that includes:

  • A Full-Scale Scanning Tool
    No need to look at dozens of charts.  PTS Primo Charts will scan any list of instruments from the NASDAQ 100 to your own Custom Lists.  Scan any market, across any time frame.
  • A Portfolio Manager
    Create and track multiple portfolios -- making it easy to evaluate and validate your trading decisions.
  • Backtest Tool
    An essential to gain a historical perspective on your evolving ideas for new trading strategies.
  • Custom Alerts
    Many online brokers have cut back to minimal alert functions. PTS Primo Charts gives you a comprehensive, fully-customizaable menu to create exactly the kind of alerts you need.

In 5 minutes per day you can find great buy and sell opportunities using the PTS Primo Charts Strategy Analyzer. Pro Trader Strategies has members in all 50 states and  over 100 countries on 6 continents.

Quit listening to all the noise and talking heads out there -- log in to PTS Primo Charts to make your own trading decisions based on professional-level analyses.


Background Colors Are Use to Display Important Indicators


Powerful Scans Across Any Market or Custom List 


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