"Listen to the Markets" with
PTS Primo Charts...


PTS Primo Charts is all about simplicity -- and uses new ways to present complicated data in ways that are easy to grasp in seconds.  Here, the SMA is shown as background colors, making it crystal clear when a stock is in an up or down trend.

Learn How to Trade

PTS Primo Charts does more than just force feed you "buy" signals.  It actually teaches you how to trade - so you can make your own decisions on a daily basis.

Eliminates Guesswork

PTS Primo Charts uses Steven Primo's own proven settings on parameters for popular inidcators like Bollinger Bands, Donchain Channels & more.

Trade Your Way

Customize and personalize PTS Primo Charts to make it your own personal trading "assistant".  Make your own Custom Lists of stocks to scan, set up unlimited Alerts the way you like them, keep track of all your activity with your Portfolio Manager.